Long time no Blog post…we’ll make up for it now…

It’s definitely been a while… I’ve been pretty busy with the day job and taking care of SRS customers. SRS is currently having it’s best year every with 13 feature wins and one championship so far this year. Lots to talk about in the racing world, so lets get to it.

F1… I haven’t been watching any F1 lately, even though it’s one of my favorite series and Vettel is running well…NBC has just made it too corporate to watch it now. Too bad for F1, I’m sure NBC is doing ok if even some of the F1 fans upgraded their TV package to get NBC Sports. Nascar is heading in the same direction with Fox Sports. Just wait until they move some of the races to other Fox channels that aren’t in the lower TV packages. One last thing, Bernie getting¬†indicted for bribery is like a dream come true. Some times the rich don’t earn their money, they break laws to do it and this time karma has bitten his ass….it makes me smile. F1 could use some new blood at the controls.

Nascar… well it’s Nascar still…. The big stories lately have been Tony Stewart breaking his leg, Kurt Bush to SHR next year and Larson to the 42 replacing JPM. Sucks for Tony I know how much he likes to race. Kurt Bush…luckiest guy in Nascar. Lucky in that he shouldn’t even have a truck ride with the way he was treating people. As a crew chief/car engineer, no driver will yell and bitch at me for long. But the thing I’m most excited about is Kyle Larson getting a Cup ride. I can’t wait for the 2014 season to start….really hope he can pick off a couple wins in his rookie year, but for that to happen EGR needs to step it up with their cars and the engineering side of things.

One more complaint I guess on the Cup broadcasts this year… If you go from a street car to a car that has drag slicks and a supercharger, it’s going to be faster….so when Nascar redesigned their cars to be more like Indy cars and create more down force with the body(AKA Aero), what would you expect? New track records maybe….we get it Nascar, the new cars are faster…but only because you let them make them faster. Someone didn’t figure out something new and is the only one setting records….it’s 1/4 of the field. Here’s an idea….lets get rid of the bump stops, coil binding and radial tires and get the cars so you can drive them hung out instead of “Just going around”. Simple. People might like watching again since now you have lower attendance and lower numbers of folks watching on TV….I’m hoping they are going to their local race tracks and watching the real racing that happens every week around the country.

I’ll be in Daytona for speed week, but I don’t know if I’ll be at the Cup race yet or not…either way, It’s always a good time hanging out with some friends there.

NHRA… drag racing has been pretty decent this year. The teams are getting closer and closer which leads to no clear power house team this time around…. and pretty random race winners. I think that is a good thing in any series…but it’s always nice to see your fav win every so often. I really have no complaints other than pushing the trophy girls into the shot with the winner as soon as they stop the cars….looks a little unprofessional.

Sim Racing… I’ve just recently got serious about sim racing….but not too serious. I picked up a copy of rFactor and an excellent wheel and pedal setup from Fanatec. So far I have mods for dirt latemodels, sprint cars and midgets….and then the VHR mod for the Nascar series with the new cars. I did manage to find an ISMA Super Modified Mod… I worked on a SuperMod team for a couple years while in college. Still need to get a full F1 mod, Indycar, DTM, V8 Supercars and the Enduracers GT car mods…so if you have links to where I can find good mods for these, please let me know.¬† I have found that it’s pretty easy to blow a whole afternoon turning laps and working on the car or running a full race. There is also a new version of rFactor out which is rFactor 2….it has improved graphics and physics engine and lots of package mods in the works for it as well.
rFactor Home Page
rFactor Central – tons of mods

Fake Crowd Noise… The ASA started this as they were on their way out of business and trying to create some type of interest in the series. I believe this makes things even worse as it just doesn’t work and sounds fake…which it is. A few times this year I have thought I heard it on the NHRA and Truck series broadcast but I wasn’t for sure. I just hope they don’t do that as it’s pretty much a bad sign of things to come.

I think in our next post, I’ll talk about the cost of racing and also cover the Short Course Off-Road series…and I might even start writing it before I log in here as most of the time when I just write off the cuff, it seems I am talking about the negatives…but maybe that’s because most of the series’ are hyping/talking them up and kinda sweep the negatives under the carpet….Idk…we’ll see.

One last thing for this post…. you may have noticed some more advertising on the site…this is so we can cover our expenses for the site and some of the time and travel we put in behind the scenes…so if you have time, check out some of the advertisers on our site and our youtube channel videos.

Here are recent heat and feature race we won…had the car working pretty well if I do say so….

Heat Race Win

Feature Race Win!

Thanks for reading guys.

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