Talladega, Daytona and so much more…

Well it’s been a while since the last article…. a lot going on as usual.

So with the trip to Talladega in October I am no longer a “Super-speedway” virgin. I will say that my experience there was much different than Daytona this past February. Alabama has some great people…no matter where we went we were greeted in an Alabama manner. The big track is just that, BIG! We were at every event other than some practices. We stayed at the track in the campground which was more subdued that I had thought it was going to be. Attendance is down compared to previous years and it feels like it most of the time there. If you go, do not miss the dirt track a crossed the street. I was disappointed at the small crowd there. We always go into the pits and we got a little treat as Trevor Bayne was racing a dirt latemodel. These guys put on a hell of a show. Unfortunately the 2nd night was a little too wet and one of our party was coming down with a cold….bummer.

As for racing at the big tracks… we had access to radio scanners and it still made for a pretty weak experience…unless you like to hear a spotter a couple times a lap say something then you’ll be fine. The big wreck for the cup cars was pretty massive and it was one of those “holly crap” moments where you are struck with the amount of money that was just thrown out the window….but hey that’s why the sponsors pay the big bucks. I will say that the truck race was pretty good.

Now for Daytona….compared to Talladega, Daytona wins hands down….at least during speedweek. I had a free place to stay with some old friends a few blocks from the track. We walked to the “Sprint Unlimited”(Dumb name BTW). We will just throw that race out and keep on going. During the week I was pretty much spending each night at Volusia County Speedway. They always put on a good show and this year was no exception…. WoO Sprints Sunday night, “UMP/WoO” latemodels 6 straight days, UMP and Big block modifieds splitting the week. Anyone who is anyone in dirtcar racing is here during speedweek. Great racing all week long… This is why I even go …and the main reason to fly to Florida in February. The facilities are ok, but that is part of the charm for dirt tracks. Where else can you get a pit pass for $45 and pretty much get autographs(if you want) from every top dirt driver in the country? That’s right, nowhere!  WoO and Lucas Oil DLM drivers all in one spot….not to mention Austin/Ty Dillon, Kenny Schrader and Wallace along with several other Nascar drivers.

I had not planned to go to the big track more than the Unlimited race, but with friends going to the Nationwide race, I said what the hell. We loaded up the coolers, headed to the track and picked up a ticket on the way. Little did I know that the ticket I had bought was to have a front row seat for the carnage at the end of the race. Fortunately we didn’t sit in those seats, instead we sat right at Pit exit.

This was one of the better nascar type races I’ve seen….the nationwide guys seem to have more racing during their races…maybe because they are going 110% for the whole race rather than pacing themselves for 90% of the race like the cup guys seem to do every week. It was unfortunate to see the fans get hurt as we never want to see that happen. I don’t think we need to look at keeping the cars on the ground! I do think we need a better catch fence solution and some design parameters for the cars.

The atmosphere was great, everyone in a good mood and lots of activities going on. Plus the beach is just east of the track. I did manage to get there this year as well.

All in all, if I had to pick one race to go to… it was most definitely be Daytona in Feb….even if you don’t go to the 500 you can still hit the Unlimited, Trucks, Nationwide and even Modifieds and K&N cars(if they have them again….not good racing on the backstretch IMHO). I had one of the best times in a long time and will defiantly be back next year.

Some other notes:
Kyle Larson continues to be a diversified driver and will be a force in Nascar very soon.

Nascar needs to Fix Cup racing… going 95-98% for 95% of the race leads to boring as hell races…unless you just watch the last 20 laps. Lets get rid of the bump stops and coil binding, bring the bias-ply tires back and let them hang it out lap after lap and have a tire that may blow if you drive it too hard….just like the old days…you know when people liked Nascar racing.

Can’t wait for the 2013 F1 season to start…. too bad Speed channels has mucked up everything good about racing on TV. Now people will spend more time looking for the right channel for the race they want to watch….if they even get that channel. Ridiculous!

SRS is getting geared up for the local racing action this year. Lots of new customers. We will have 2 sportsman cars and it’s looking like 5 or 6 modifieds equipped with SR Shocks at Butler Motor Speedway this year, a couple dirt latemodels at Oakshade Raceway…. and a couple teams on pavement at Springport Speedway.

That’s if for now. Hoping that I don’t take this long to get another article out for you guys. Also working on an internet connection that lets me upload my videos to Youtube without blowing my bandwidth limit each month.


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