Real Deals, Orange Peels and the Big One

It’s been a while, but here is another post…

Real Deals… Kyle Larson, Ryan Blaney. Larson continues to show amazing talent in every kind of car he gets into. Dirt, Asphalt he’s won in it all this year. Ryan Blaney gets in a truck and wins the 3rd time out. There are guys that have ran that series for years and years never to have won. These guys are the real deals.

Orange Peels….bye, bye Joey…your dad can’t make you win at this level. I guess we’ll see what he can do at the 3rd string Ford team next year.

I’ll keep this edition short, saving some for my trip to the Talladega Cup race here in a week and a half. Should be fun as we’ll be at the dirt track 2 nights and having a few cold ones the other nights.

And if you missed the F1 race in Singapore….you missed out….love the night race and F1 racing there. All racing should be at night…just kidding. It’s definitely cool though.

I might have an article ready on some shock stuff finished before the trip south, so stay tuned.


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