F1, NHRA, Nationwide and Rain

Just some quick thoughts….

F1: Dear F1, Why oh why do you have such a long summer break in your season?   …I know, I know, you travel the world and I could see how that would take a toll on the working guys. Can we at least change it to be at most 2 weeks off? Please?

NHRA: This is my bitch of the week…. Paul Page doesn’t do the Indy 500 anymore for a reason. In my opinion theeee worst TV commentator in racing….well besides Sam Poesy, he would be king, but thankfully he’s not commentating on anything other than his F1 pre-race piece. Otherwise, NHRA pretty sweet season so far. Nice job Baby Force…nice to see dad is giving….I mean glad to see you beat your dad.

Nationwide: Well the NNS can run on rain tires, what’s your excuse Cup?? Mikey Waltrip needs to ease off the caffeine before he goes on the air… and yes, Speed guys, the Dillon’s are where they are at solely BECAUSE of their grandfather and who he is. Do you really think they would be both in Nascar if he wasn’t??? Really? They are good drivers, but there are hundreds if not thousands of good drivers out there…it’s pretty easy to out motor the lower classes when you run out of a Cup shop. There are lots of drivers that “Deserve” to be in Nascar and aren’t there and never will be….and a few that are there and shouldn’t be.

Rain: After a summer with very little rain here in Michigan, we just got about 4 months worth in 2 days….not cool. Now waiting to see how many track cancel for tomorrow. I applaud Butler Motor Speedway for canceling so early last week. The same front that moved through here on Saturday caused one death and 9 injuries at the Pocono Cup race on Sunday. Butler canceled the nights activities based on the predicted strength of the storms moving in and before one drop fell at the track.

Hope we get some racing in tomorrow. I might have some video for you if we do.


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